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Four Zero…With Special guest Mike Tully

Rude City Radio #40

Music By: Mike Tully & Taintstick




Rude City Radio #38 A chat with Cupcake Dujour!

Tita and myself sit down for a talk about the past, present and future




Numero Tre Seven-A Chat with my Brother!

Andrew and myself sit for a talk about our past week and some stories from childhood.



Music By: Star Treck

Three Six Canadian Mafia

Rude City Radio #36

Music By: Audioslave




Can’t see Shit!…An interview with Max Campos

Rude City Radio #36

Myself and Max have an epic chat



What is Rude City Radio ?

Rude City Radio is a podcast hosted by Mark "The MurMur" Murdoch and Alec "The Kid" Kemosabe. Every week we discuss the latest in news, celebrity gossip, fucked up stories, and life from a uniquely Canadian perspective.

Mark Murdoch

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