This Boyce Life is a Nerdy and Dirty Canadian podcast that highlights the hilarious unfiltered mind of Dave The Voice Boyce, a founding member, and head designer of Red Dragon Apparel with Co-Hosts, the angelic Cupcake Du Jour….and The Murmur.


Dave the Voice Boyce, Cupcake Du Jour and the MurMur are live every Saturday 8pm PT 11pm ET on channel 103. Jason Ellis the former skateboarder, pro fighter and host of the Jason Ellis Show is teaming up with Sam Roberts and Gregg “Opie” Hughes for Faction Talk, a provocative new channel inspired by the comedic spirit of music and talk channel Faction.


Voted #1 in Vue weekly Magazine & nominated 8th in the world against Adam Corolla , Artie Lange and Dan Savage in the mature category & Winners of the peoples choice award in the Amateur Podcast Awards. The Awesome Hour is a SOCAN licensed podcast on all things awesome from pop culture to strange news to bad life choices with a music bed of tasty tunes.


Weekly podcast starring the outrageous and outspoken Jason Ellis with Michael Tully in an in-depth, no-holds-barred conversation with a hand-picked celebrity guest; Jason and Mike vow to bring their unique attitude to topics ranging from sexual liberation to UFC and everything in between- you won’t hear this stuff on SiriusXM!

Cupcake DuJour

The professional traveler, self described “cupcake galavanter”, certified trainer, high performance athlete and “pantless wonder” clearly has varied interests, which far from being at odds, are in fact the very glue that holds her together.