The MurMur

Diver By Day - Radio Host By Night

Mark "The MurMur" Murdoch is a commercial diver and radio host from Vancouver, British Columbia. He brings a very unique view on life and it's obstacles. He can be heard co-hosting on the popular Canadian podcast "This Boyce Life" as well as on "The Voice Boyce Show" every Saturday at 8pm pacific on Sirius XM Faction Talk Ch103. Stay tuned for stories of debauchery and other insane antics.


Father, Philanthropist, and one of Canadas top broadcasters

Alec "The Kid" Kemosabe is a hilarious blue-collard broadcaster from Edmonton, Alberta. He enjoys long walks during sunset and is always DTF. Alec is also the host of Edmonton's #1 podcast "The Awesome Hour". Keep your ear out for his nerdy and comedic ideas.